Applying for TSNaturals.XXX

** Due to the sheer volume of TSNaturals.XXX applicants we are curently booked out into 2018 and applications are temporarily closed. You're still able to apply, however please note that if accepted it will be put to the side until we are able to resume booking. Thank you for your patience.


TSNaturals is a site that focuses heavily on the natural beauty and form of femme presenting trans* people as well as the uniqueness of each personality. We accept applications from individuals on any point of the gender spectrum. Modeling for this site will allow you to be in creative control of your shoots, as well as be able to potray yourself however you wish. The goal is to encapsulate exactly who you are, in all its magic!

As TSNaturals, by premise, shoots only 100% all-natural trans* folk, having gone through any transition-related surgeries unfortunately disqualifies you from modeling for this particular site. Small exceptions are made from time to time in the case of minor 'reduction' surgeries (trach shave, testes removal, etc) but these are almost solely on a request basis. Any sort of alteration surgeries, breast augmentation, facial reconstruction etc, will not be considered.

Interested in applying? Great! Fill out these questions, include the required photos and send us an email!

    • What's your stage name?
    • Where are you located?
    • What's your image / style about?
    • Any unique talents?
    • Other info you'd like to provide?
as well as

    • One filterless, unedited & straight ahead face shot of you, smiling is nice! ☺
    • One filterless, unedited & straight ahead full body shot

Once you've completed this list, you can email it directly to us at Admin@Magenta.Productions, with the subject TSNaturals Model App - [Your Stage Name]. You will recieve a reply within the next 48 hours; if you do not receive one within a week, please recontact us. Thank you for your interest in working together!