About Magenta Productions

Magenta Productions was founded in 2017 with a sole vision - to bring positive perspective to the trans* erotica industry as well as empowering the people we work with, producers and models alike. The company is based in Montreal and works with people from around the North American continent. It is entirely transgender owned, operated and staffed, prioritising putting money directly in the hands of the people it potrays from production to publish.

Since its inception the company has proudly operated on a performer-centred business model, creating many opportunities for all the people we work with to gain from their time with us both during and post-shoot. This comes in many forms; from the ability to maintain creative freedom over the way they are potrayed, socially via our marketing program as well as financially through our highest-in-industry affiliate percentages for models promoting their own work. Magenta Productions takes immense pride in this, and sees helping often some of the most vulnerable members of our society today as an invaluable thing.

New Beginnings

Magenta Productions began their network with the project TSNaturals.XXX, which focuses entirely on the natural beauty and form of femme presenting trans* individuals from all points of the gender spectrum. This site also offers indepth model bios containing true information, focusing on the positive but real aspects of the people shown. TSNaturals was created on an ethical foundation of potraying trans people (specifically transwomen, which the industry is primarily focused on) in a healthier and more real light.

TSNaturals is also one of the first member sites to actively cast non-binary talent as themselves, helping spearhead the effort to bring androgyny to the mainstream industry. This project recognises it is important to acknowledge and potray NB identities as what they are: transgender.